5 Amazing Things to Do In Red River New Mexico This Winter

By Clinton Rhodes

Red River, New Mexico is the ideal mountain vacation destination whether you are interested in skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, fishing, snowmobiling, shopping, or if you just want to get away! The town is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains making it the perfect recreational destination. And, while it is small with a population of around 500, it truly has something to offer for every member of the family. Here is just a small sample of the amazing things you can do in Red River this winter or spring break.

  1. Snow Sports

Since skiing and snowboarding are obvious attractions for any mountain town, let’s get those out of the way first. The Ski Area offers a comprehensive variety of terrains, from beginner slopes, to themed ski trails, such as the family-friendly Moon Star Mining Camp. For those more interested in performing acrobatic stunts, the town also offers three separate terrain parks where you can refine your technique. Alternatively, if you prefer cross country endeavors, there are over 30 kilometers of trails covering 1,400 acres beckoning you now.

  1. Nightlife & Entertainment

Although it is a small town, the advantage of Red River is that you can easily walk from one bar or pub to the next without further exerting your leg muscles. No matter if you are looking for a small romantic diner for two, or traditional New Mexican fare, you are guaranteed to find food and drinks in abundance. When the sun goes down, watch out for the weekly parades and fireworks, before sampling from a wide range of live music. From country to techno, you can kick back, or cut a rug in this quaint town.

  1. Shopping

In addition to a variety of specialty ski and snowboarding stores in town, those interested in retail therapy will love Main Street. This is especially true if you are tired of the generic American shopping mall experience, and want to find something a little more unique than the mass production merchandise. From one-of-a-kind apparel stores, to fine art and antique shops, to handmade southwestern style jewelry, you will be guaranteed to come home with the perfect souvenir.

  1. Snow Mobile-ing

If you want to get outdoors to take in the sweeping views of the mountain, but are not as interested in working your butt off to do it, then snowmobiling might be just the thing. Imagine traversing a hundred thousand acre wildlife preserve from the seat of your motorized snow mobile. With access to hundreds of miles of groomed trails, adrenaline-filled fun is guaranteed.

  1. Snow Coach Diner Tour

For fun for the whole family, consider a Snow Coach Dinner Tour. You can enjoy a ride through the wilderness atop a snowcat, a track driven house on wheels. You will dine in a heated coach with windows, while you enjoy a guided tour from a friendly local expert. Not only will you take in epic views of our amazing scenery, but you will also learn a wealth of information about the town’s natural and geologic history, and major attractions.

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