Road Trip April 2018: Destination Santa Fe, NM

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Road Trip April 2018: Destination Santa Fe, NM

By Marcella Simmons

Last year we drove out to Santa Fe, NM – we stopped for the night in Amarillo, Texas  (it’s exactly 13 to our destination (825.11 mi) via US-287 N and I-40 W). Since the kids were on spring break, there was little time to check out the sites in Amarillo, so we put it in our bucket list for a later date.

Once we got to Santa FE, the kids were excited because although it was April, it snowed. Yes, literally snowed.

Our motel, The Inn at Santa Fe has a heated pool but it’s on the outside. There was people swimming out there with the snow falling. So we decided ‘Why not?” The sauna was warm and if the kids got too cold, they sat in with me as I waited for them to have a good time.

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